Final story for INK Online

Well, now that Sid the Kid is back on the ice (and in unreal form, I might add), I wanted to find out what his injury has done to change the way we look at concussions – to see if he advanced the discussion.
I talked with a researcher at the U of R who was really interesting. I probably could have written over 600 words with just him – and that’s not because my other interview wasn’t fantastic. The team Dr. Neary is working with is looking into the physiological impacts of concussion on the brain. So they look at what kind of effect increases in blood pressure and heart rate have on the blood flow and oxygen flow to the brain. Hopefully, they’ll be able to figure out what happens physiologically and then be able to translate that understanding into better treatment.
Anyways, I can’t believe how quickly this semester has flown by – this is the last story I’ll write for INK. I was lucky enough to be able to sneak in a little sports reporting into my health beat here, which is fantastic. Here’s my final story!

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