INK Online – Election edition

Monday, November 7 was the big day – the provincial election in Saskatchewan. The election has been consuming our lives for the past four weeks. Monday was a busy day for all of us – and the beginning of the week in our schedule that we’ve been referring to as ‘hell week’ for most of the semester – but it was also a lot of fun. 
Our class spread out across the province for this coverage. We had students in Moose Jaw, Swift Current, North Battleford, and all around Regina to cover the big stories.
Tory, Josee, Natasha and I all ended up at the NDP’s headquarters for the evening. They were stationed at the Ramada hotel, in what they insisted on calling a “Victory Room”. Ouch. It was pretty interesting to watch the results come in from that vantage point, and to watch Mr. Lingenfelter’s apology and official resgination afterwards. As far as news goes, that’s exactly the kind of election I like to see. What an upset.
One thing I do take away from this election is that our province has just become a veritable case study for electoral reform. The NDP had about 30% of the popular vote – a record low – and ended up with only 9 of 58 seats. The Greens and Liberals didn’t get a single seat. The Sask Party, who were chosen by the majority of voters (or the majority of the 55 or so per cent of people who bothered to mark their X), ended up with so many seats, they really can’t be challenged effectively by the opposition. This system just doesn’t work. It doesn’t make people want to vote, because it doesn’t make them feel like their vote counts.
Interestingly, electoral reform also came up in a lot of the interviews I did for my magazine feature on media coverage of female politicians. But you’ll have to wait for that one. In the meantime, here’s the link to my latest INK story on student candidates.

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