INK Online – Second story

Wednesday, Oct. 19. was our second ‘newsroom day’ for INK Online. After both major political parties made big-money promises to provide incentives for nurses and doctors who stay in the province, I wanted to find out what students thought of these promises. It sounds really good to promise to give students up to $120,000 worth of tuition back, but in practical terms, what would that mean for graduates?

I had some very interesting interviews for this one. When I caught up with Christine Orr, a U of S med student, she had just left a mentoring session in which her classmates talked about the merits of the Sask. Party plan. Christine mentioned that while doctors usually graduate with a lot of debt, they have high starting salaries and don’t have trouble paying their student loans back. She suggested the government would be better off investing that kind of money in new technology to make their jobs easier.

No one I talked to was overly excited about the announcements. It will be interesting to see if these plans are implemented post-election, and if so, how successful they are.

You can find my story here.

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